Arabic Majlis

Arabic Majlis

The elegant but simplistic style, which is full of character, remains inspiring and adds an instant touch of luxury to your home. Apply a bohemian feel to your living room, or an eclectic edge!

These floor pillows are great in bedrooms, living rooms, or play areas for children, giving every space a imaginative, useful and luxurious accent; Imagine shifting dinner parties to the floor, lounging in a reading book, or creating a beautiful, cozy playroom or even anybody who loves sitting or lying on the floor is a brilliant idea.

Ideal for reading, meditating or just relaxing!

These Lovely Pillows are sold without the filler!!!

Dual sided enclosure with zipper. Nice as a pillow for relaxation, children play space, dog bed or as a pillow accent on your bed.
  • Category Sofa
  • Published Date 30 Jun 2020
  • Label Best Price